I'm Davis Kong, an international student from China. Currently, I'm studying postgraduate course of Information Technology at Monash University.

As a human, almost everyone is defined by lots of tags and influenced by them. Here are some of mine and this blog.

I'm Chinese, also an Asian. Although the propaganda part of today's China's popular culture often disgusts me, I am still proud to be a Chinese and grown up with the Asian environment. These culture and education do leave some "not so good" influences on me, for example, hard to be outgoing in connection with people, but lots of my preferences, like the choice between Woolworth and Asian groceries, always remind me that Asia is where I psychically belong to.

I'm gay, and I care about gay rights. Being gay is an essential part of my self-identity, it makes me more aware of inequality and the minority in a society. It also forms my political opinions and values. As a result, I care more about freedom, liberty and self-determination than an average Chinese.

I'm still learning English. Although I have been through 16 years of English classes in China's education system, there is still a long way for me to go to meet the requirement of the real world and be able to communicate with native speakers naturally.

I have interests in technology. The most attractive aspect of technology for me is never how powerful it is, but how can it change our daily life realistically. For example, I don't care about how faster a newer generation of CPU will be, but I'll be curious about what influences can the latest fake meat have on the number of people who choose to be vegetarian.